"Chopin saw a dream of a fairy-tale land populated by people with incurable diseases but also magical powers"

I had a real post for today, but I was forced to withdraw it due to threats of terrorism. Seriously, I love free speech more than Gummi Bears, but honestly, guys—beheading the Prophet onstage? It’s Idomeneo, not The Mikado.

In other news: As part of winning a grant from the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, 12-year-old composer and pianist Drew Petersen is meeting with members of New Jersey’s congressional delegation to “urge them to pass legislation requiring that classical music appreciation be taught in the nation’s schools.” More power to him—if anybody can explain a subject in terms that Congress can understand, it’s a 12-year-old.

The Amazing Things Arts Center here in my hometown of Framingham is having an online auction to raise some funds. The first item in the “Fine Dining” category: a $25 gift certificate to Honey Dew Donuts. I like their style. Think I can sneak a dozen into Moses und Aron? (Thanks to This Is Framingham for the heads-up.)

New for Xbox: Chopin’s death, the video game. In his delirium, “Chopin comes into contact with Polka, a young girl who resides with her mother in the village of Tenuto. Polka is near her death, and Chopin, Polka, and her young friend Allegretto… look for some way to make use of Polka’s great powers to help save her.” I’m hoping that all the cheat codes involve Schenkerian analysis.

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