Month: May 2017

De cetero, fratres, gaudete

Oh Yes 1-4

Guerrieri: Oh, Yes! (2014) (PDF, 218 Kb)

Guerrieri: From Proverbs (2015) (PDF, 56 Kb)

Guerrieri: My God! Permit My Tongue (2017) (PDF, 42 Kb)

The Presbyterian Church in Sudbury, the place that provides me with much of my gainful employment, is in the midst of searching for a new permanent pastor, which, within Presbyterian polity, is a deliberately long and painstaking process. It does, however, provide the opportunity for temporary and interim pastors to pass through and leave their mark, and, in that regard, we’ve been pretty lucky.

Intending to post the introit that was a parting gift to our most recent interim pastor, I realized that I had never posted the introit paying tribute to the previous one, nor, even, the anthem that was written as a farewell to our former permanent pastor—inexplicable indolences that I am happy to now rectify. Bill McIvor, Carolyn Browning Helsel, Rick Otty: it’s been a distinct and genuine pleasure working with you.

UPDATE (November 2017): One more, for the Rev. Tom Forster-Smith:

Guerrieri: Hark! a Gladsome Voice is Thrilling (2017) (PDF, 53 Kb)

UPDATE (August 2018): One more, for the Rev. Kelsey Woodruff:

Guerrieri: Christ for the World We Sing (COELSIGE (2018) (PDF, 154 Kb)