Geoff Edgers passes along news and photos of Mother Nature having her revenge on Tanglewood, no doubt for all the global warming caused by those post-concert backups of BMWs and Lexuses extending from West Street all the way to the Pike. The bulk of the damage seems to be to Seranak, the old Koussevitsky estate (named for Serge and Natalie Koussevitsky—it strikes me that if the missus and I were to do the same thing, our house would be called “Chummagoo”).

Full disclosure: I was a Tanglewood fellow the first year that they decided to house the composers at Miss Hall’s School, rather than the comparatively swankier confines of Seranak, so I can’t help feeling a little sense of karmic realignment. Ha! No, seriously, I have great memories of a couple of dinners up there—and the balcony is a breathtaking place to watch a storm roll in.

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  1. Schadenfreude may not be noble, but it’s always fun. And Chummagoo is pretty amusing. You should at least get a plaque made to put up somewhere.

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