Dogs are not allowed in library

I’ve been awfully busy today, so in lieu of a proper post, I set critic-at-large Moe loose at the Library of Congress. It’s not like he’s been doing that much reviewing lately—time to step up and start earning that steady stream of tennis balls and freeze-dried liver treats! (There he is at right, resting after his labors.) Anyway, after sniffing around for a couple of hours, here’s what he came up with:

“Dogs,” a pretty funny old Barbary Coast ditty, as performed by Byron Coffin, Sr. in 1939 (audio recording).

Portait of Mister (Billie Holiday’s dog),
photo by William Gottleib.
“That Mastiff Dog She Bought,” comic song by F. E. Galbraith, 1879 (sheet music).

Poster by Earl Schuler.
“Mr. Bethel Dog Bit Me,” a Bahamian folksong, as performed by Theodore Rolle (“Tea Roll”) in 1940 (audio recording).

Aaron Copland, his German landlady, and her dog,
photographer unknown, 1927.
(In retrospect, I should have guessed this was coming.)


  1. Not only that, the dog looks like a Dachshund, and proof of what I have heard: that the breed has been bred smaller and smaller over the last 60 or 70 years.

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