Droit de seigneur

Lisa Hirsch points out a Bernard Holland review of Nico Muhly that makes me green with envy: I’m just a freelancer now, but my dream is to get to that level in the criticism hierarchy where I can be lazy enough to express my bafflement in print at a question that had been answered in my own paper not a week before. Lexis-Nexis is for the rabble.

(Full disclosure: as a TA at the BU Tanglewood Institute, I gamely tried to teach sight-singing to a crowd that included, among others, Nico, Judd Greenstein, and Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum. That took a lot of coffee.)


  1. Lisa! ACD and I are far, <>far<> too civilized to “thump.” We <>verbally spar<>. After which, we retire to the library for snifters of brandy. (Actually, wouldn’t we be disappointed to find out that ACD did not, in fact, have a stash of incredibly expensive brandy? Talk about disillusionment…)(Those of you who are confused should do some reading < HREF="http://www.soundsandfury.com/" REL="nofollow">here<>.)

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