La fenice

If you’re not already aware, a fire gutted the offices of the Oregon East Symphony in Pendleton, Oregon on Thursday. They’re in a bad way, and if you have a few bucks or other stuff that might be useful, they’ve set up a fire recovery fund. They do a lot of educational outreach in areas that don’t always get that kind of attention—they’re the good guys, in other words.

Most links are to the blog of Kenneth Woods, Oregon East’s conductor, who, in the midst of crisis, still manages to read minds. I was thinking about a post on Hans Rott for this week, but Woods got there first, and I was going to defend Elgar from his own countrymen, but Woods is already on it, quick and funny. Just like a good conductor: a beat ahead of you, ready with a cue.

Update (3/21): Donations can now be made via PayPal.

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