Careless Talk

Quotes for the day:

Munger also spoke of bright people with streaks of “nuttiness”. He gave Mozart as an example. Mozart was a brilliant composer but did nutty things like spend all of his money.

That’s Charles T. Munger, Chairman of Wesco Financial, as quoted in a report on Wesco’s annual shareholder meeting. Munger sounds like he knows from whence he speaks: “Irish Alzheimer’s”? I also love his take on global warming: “If Florida is flooded because it is a low elevation, people will have time to move.”

Last Tuesday, Garvey was asked to move for the second time this season and got into an exchange with police. In a report of the incident, police said Garvey became heated and “left the area holding his permit, which he believes gives him the right to disturb citizens’ peace and quiet.”

Street musician Jack Garvey, a longtime fixture of downtown Salem, Massachusetts, has been running into trouble with some persnickety condo owners, in spite of his license from the city. The cops got it wrong: you don’t need a permit to disturb citizens’ peace and quiet—musicians are born with that right. Get used to it.

Her favorite flute composers include Sergei Prokofiev and Dimitri Shostakovich. Her least favorite is modern American composer John Adams.

“I sometimes wish he’d date a flute player just so he’d find out how hard his music is to play,” Helcher said.

Charleston Symphony Orchestra flutist Regina Helcher accidentally lets slip the way most composers really learn orchestration. Shhhhh!


  1. I should clarify my last comment, and mention I was commenting on the statement that Regina Helcher made, which has some truth to it. I recall dates with composers (back my single youth) when they would talk about my instrument and its repertoire, and not really showing interest in me as a person. Then again, maybe my interest in dating composers might have been to learn about the (then mysterious to me) process of composition.

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