Rock-and-roll is here to stay

Previewing the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.
Boston Globe, May 18, 2007.

Some bits that didn’t make it into the article:

Anthony De Ritis on quoting Ravel’s Bolero in his concerto for DJ, Devolution:

I actually had finished the piece before I found out [Bolero] wasn’t in the public domain. Luckily, many thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees later, I was able to use it.

Steven Mackey on the origin of his patriotism:

I remember, I was England for a time as a kid—my father worked for the government—and people would find out we were American, and they’d come up to us and say, “Congratulations on your John Glenn!” or, “Congratulations on winning World War II!” That probably wouldn’t happen today.

Mackey on rehearsals for the 2003 premiere of Dreamhouse, during which the orchestra found out it was being disbanded:

It was literally, the manager came up and said “I just have to make a couple announcements before we start” and then he gets up in front and says, “Um, you’re all fired. Oh, and here’s your guest conductor for the week, Gil Rose.” It was insane.

Excerpt of my interview with Evan Ziporyn:

EZ: There’s rock music in [Hard Drive], but it’s kind of a narrow segment of that, because it’s the music I listened to as a kid, you know? And it’s not always what you expect. I liked prog rock—I liked King Crimson, I liked the Mahavishnu Orchestra. But I was also listening to Barry White.

MG: You know, I was a closet Barry White fan for years, and then one day it was like all of a sudden it was cool to be a Barry White fan.

EZ: His time has come!

MG: I’ve noticed these days that people are pretty shameless about what they like. They don’t care if it’s cool anymore; the nerdier the better. It’s like they wear it as a badge of honor.

EZ: Well, that’s a positive development for the human condition, isn’t it?

(It’s new-music day in the Globe: also check out David Weininger on Harold Shapero’s new song cycle.)

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  1. Um, WOW.I was a student at Brandeis during Harold Shapero’s long, long period of composer’s block. I need to email him about the new song cycle.

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