Cover Version Cage Match—International Edition

Today’s competition honors America’s greatest and most successful export of all time. I refer, of course, to “Endless Love.” Seriously, if he was British, Lionel Richie would have his CBE by now for writing this thing.

  • Representing Spain: Daniel y Saray.
  • Representing Brazil: Cidia e Dan.
  • Representing Korea: Park Hyo-Shi and Hwa Yo-Bi.
  • Representing Hong Kong: Jacky Cheung (remember, the guy who looks like me) and Sandy Lam.
  • Representing Australia (and the 80s in general): Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.
  • Representing the United States, and dedicating their performance to my lovely wife, who’s a big fan: Whitney Houston and her brother Gary.

  • And the winner, by unanimous decision in the seventh round: Diana Ross and Placido Domingo.


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