Not a creature was stirring

(Click to enlarge.) Critic-at-large Moe is listening to Al Green: O Holy Night (MP3, 3.4 MB). He has had it up to here with all of your cat pictures. Nevertheless, he wishes everyone a peaceful holiday season. See you next year!

Update (12/25): In memoriam, one more song to the playlist:

Anita O’Day and the Oscar Peterson Quartet:
Taking a Chance on Love (MP3, 2.2 MB)

More on this after break, probably. But consider: two of the all-time great side-job accompanists—Rostropovich and Peterson—gone in the same year.


  1. Twas the night before the 25th of DecemberAll through the house there was crap strewn aboutThe cats were hissing and smacking each otherAnd nary a dry Kleenex to be foundI and my wife had just settled downTo an evening of computer games, each to his ownWhen suddenly from the front door there came such a soundAs if religious proselytizers knocking thereuponThat turned out to be the case and we were then facedWith odd little beings who demanded that we acceptThat the true meaning of this cold icy time of yearWas to celebrate the birth of someone who was born sometime in March as far as anybody who ever actually studied the subject could ever figureSo we listened and nodded and uh-huhed in agreementAnd they soon went awayJesus Christ!

  2. SSO in the news again.When I left ’em they were talking about a financing scheme with some out fit from Las Vegas.Now Gerry shows up with a broken leg.Coincidence?

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