Early to rise

It’s Lent already? As of last Wednesday, yes. For those of you who got to play outside rather than go to Sunday School, Lent is the 40-day period of preparation for Easter in the Christian calendar. It coordinates with Passover, which corresponds with the lunar calendar, which means it moves around a lot. (Trivia: the last time Lent started this early was 1856.) Then, of course, Orthodox Christians figure their Easter a little differently; and they’re split between old calendrists and new calendrists. This was much easier when I was in Catholic school—one day they’d haul you off to church in the middle of class, which was usually the first inkling you’d have that Lent had started. Once you become a church musician, you actually have to plan for this sort of thing.

Which is why this year’s Lenten introit was finished the day of rehearsal. (I have become more deadline-driven than Edmond O’Brien.) Download it for free—for free—and you can decide for yourself whether the nuns would have given me a gold star or sent a note home to my parents.

Guerrieri: I Wait for the Lord (2008) (PDF, 74 KB; MIDI here)


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