Required coursework

An informal interview with Tamara Hovey Gold, sister of composer/musicologist Serge Hovey, and, like her brother, a one-time student of Arnold Schoenberg. I love the fact that one of the mandatory classes for UCLA music education majors was a composition class with the founder of the Second Viennese School.

Following in her her mother’s footsteps, Tamara Hovey had a few credits as a screenwriter—most notably the Mario Lanza truck-driver-becomes-a-star classic That Midnight Kiss and the Dorothy Dandridge vehicle Tamango—before turning her hand to biography, penning lives of George Sand and John Reed.


  1. I have just read Tamara Hovey's ” John Reed : Witness to Revolution” which is excellent. Googling, I found your blog. Do you know if she is still alive and, if so, how could I contact her ?

    Blogger has an out-of-date e-mail address for me. Now I'm at

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