O wie mich sehnet auszuruhn

Apologies for the spotty posting this week—I’ve been buried in a pile of music for a recital this weekend. And a special voodoo curse on whoever decided that the proper low key for Brahms’ “O wüsst’ ich doch den Weg zurück” should be C-sharp major. What is this—affirmative action for double-sharps? I haven’t seen this many x’s in one place since they cleaned up the Combat Zone.


  • “[F]ormer U.S. House of Representatives Page, Real Estate broker, and music composer” Thomas Boyle promises to FINE TUNE AMERICA (probably a joke, but who can tell these days?).

  • In this corner: jazz legend Oscar Peterson. In that corner: right-wing anti-Semitic Mussolini-loving priest Lionel-Adolphe Groulx. The prize? A subway station. You can probably guess who I’m rooting for.

  • Kyle Gann and librarian friend (really, all of you should have a librarian friend) Rebecca Hunt send items for this year’s Christmas list.

  • And finally: Against growl, opening salutation scrambled toast (15). For Joshua Kosman and longtime Soho the Dog friend Katie Hamill, who both placed in the top 100 at this year’s American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

    1. Oh! If only I knew the way to remember that B is sharp!Seriously, forget the key signature and play the thing in C major. Problem solved! I met a guy who was playing the (very out of tune) piano in the Yellowstone Lodge and making his way through the Well-Tempered Klavier–I know how do you get that gig? Anyway, he played the c-sharp major prelude in c major and I commended the effort. In that case I think c-sharp major is a little easier though–at least the prelude.

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