Und ich, ich, ich, ich, ich, die ihn dir geschickt, / ich bin wie ein Hund an deiner Ferse

Needless to say, critic-at-large Moe is licking his chops after reading this story.

[A proposed] bill submitted to the Tuscan regional parliament… would allow pet owners in Tuscany to take their cats, dogs and other animals to any sort of public place—including museums, cinemas and even theatres.

(Via.) Even theatresOpera Chic may have herself some canine competition. Talk about real-time criticism: if Moe likes my practicing, he curls up under the piano. If he doesn’t, he drops a drool-laden ball in my lap and barks at me. Is that really all that different from the La Scala loggione?

On the other hand, I don’t know if we’re ready to pack up for Europe, and domestically, I fear that Moe won’t be sitting in that Met box anytime soon. (They’ll let ’em onstage but not in the seats.) Still, a dog can dream. (Though, on a sad note, and all his theatrical anti-feline bluster aside, Moe is truly sorry that he won’t have the chance to chase Bert up the Grand Tier on the way into that 2010-11 Nixon in China. Condolences and—no mean feat for a terrier—a moment of silence.)


  1. Maybe it’ll help Moe. Here’s a fun article form the Oakland Tribune a while back.< HREF="http://http://www.insidebayarea.com/ci_8435587" REL="nofollow">Classical music helps soothe stressed dogs<>

  2. I think come summer we’re going to have to do some testing. (I love that the dog in the photo is yawning—some researchers will tell you that’s a sign of canine defiance.) Moe might not be the best subject, though—last night he fell asleep watching old boxing matches on ESPN.

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