1. The Piano Sonata was in there, although the NYT reports that it was only the first two movements. The loot that caught my eye was the only orchestral score to a piece called “Sorcery to Science,” described as “music for Remo Bufano’s huge puppet show in the Pharmacy Building at the New York World’s Fair.” I wonder if they were handing out samples at the Pharmacy Building.

  2. Matt:1) Where do you *find* this stuff?<><>2) I seem to remember there was a CD called “Celluloid Copland” and there was a world’s fair score in there. (He had to reconstruct it, I guess.)<><>3) Speaking of composers-at-Tanglewood-and-cars, my father and I went to a concert in Trenton 10 years ago and met up with Babbitt, and Dad reminded him that he shared a car with him (along with classmate Michael Steinberg) to go to a Tanglewood concert some 50+ years ago. My father didn’t remind him that <><>a) it rained all day<><>b) they had to have their picnic in the car <><>c) someone forgot the salt.

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