Beware of dog

July 22d, 1941.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schoenberg
116 Rockingham Ave.
West Los Angeles

Dear Sir, and Madam,

     As per your telephone instructions, I am enclosing bill rendered to Mrs. N. Louise Eberle by Dr. R.M. Emma in the amount of $2100 due to the episode with your dog on Rockingham Ave. on the evening of July 6th—

     In addition to this bill we have expended taxi fare of $910 and telephone calls of 30¢ making a total of $3040

     Upon receipt of your check we will waive all future claims in reference to this matter.

Resp yours—                
    Nellie Louise Eberle
    Wray F [?] Eberle
          916 No. Harper Ave


July 21, 1941

Mrs. Nellie Louise Eberle
916 N. Harper Avenue

Dear Mrs. Eberle,

            Though I have been advised to the contrary, I want to finish this unpleasant affair.

            I have been advised not to pay you anything, because there is no relation between a dog jumping (without biting) and you[r] nervous consequences; they are due to your condition.

            Besides there is the staement of the delivery boy, that he had closed the gate.

            Furthermore I have been advised that I need in no case acknowledge your taxi bill—which is certainely [sic] only your affair.

            Furthermore I did even not agree [to] the “three to five” treatments, which you suggested to Mrs. Schoenberg over the telephone. My doctor suggested one or two treatments.

            But, as I said, I want to accomplish this affair, though I know that I am not obliged to do it.

            Included you find a check of $15.00 (Dollar fifteen). If you do not agree to accept this $15.00 and waive all further claims, you must return it to me. Because endorsing and cashing it means that you agree.

            I hope you are well and understand my point of view.

Yours very truly
[Arnold Schoenberg]

BONUS EPHEMERA: 1938 home movies of Schoenberg, family (I’m guessing that’s Nuria lugging around the cat), and friends, taken by Serge Hovey, and shared via YouTube by Randol Schoenberg. (The dog is, I think, the Hoveys’—as far as I know, Schoenberg’s dog in the late 30s was an Irish Setter. There’s a scholarly project worth my while: track down Schoenberg’s pets.)


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