Suavity of harmonious strains

Guerrieri: Divino Nombre (PDF, 70 Kb; cheap MIDI rendition here)

I’ve noticed that somebody perusing this space might think that all I ever compose are sacred choral pieces. Not true—they’re just all I ever finish anymore. I’m ridiculously deadline-driven, so unless there’s a performance on the calendar, most things just remain lazily hanging about in the notebook. I may not be very religious, but I suppose that makes me at least somewhat millennial.

Anyway, here’s a little introit for the coming stretch of ordinary time. This would work just as well up a whole step or so, but I love the sound of a full choir laying into a low B-flat; I always find the difference between middle C and that B-flat like the difference between lowfat milk and heavy cream. Poetic, no? I’ll regret it the first Sunday I only have six choristers show up.

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