1. Thanks, Matt. I forwarded the Beckett one to a couple of people (I once played Willie in ‘Happy Days’ at the BCA.) I know Babbitt would be pleased being a pop icon — he and I once spent a half-hour talking about Rita Hayworth movies. <><>But ….dude, where’s the microtonal contingent? (And don’t tell me the vote was split.)

  2. Sator: Made ’em myself. Play around with fonts for half an hour, and you realize how overpaid most campaign graphic designers must be.Rodney: Is Babbitt against “one note, one vote,” or <>for<> mandatory, enforced voting for every note that has the franchise? (Being from Chicago, I myself am largely agnostic on this point.)Lisa: I’m just too lazy to get a CafePress store set up, but click on each one, and you’ll get a full-size version to print out.Robert: I had a Johnston-Sims ticket on the drawing board, but I couldn’t come up with a slogan beyond “Divide and Conquer,” which I thought was kind of lame. Anybody has a better idea, I’ll whip up a sticker.

  3. “Tanned. Rested. Ready.”If you’re gonna steal from the Good Doctor, at least acknowledge the source. And Lenny Bernstein? Please.

  4. m-j: Who exactly is this “Good Doctor” you refer to? “Tanned, rested, and ready” originated with Richard Nixon’s 1968 comeback. Bernstein, by the way, figured on at least < HREF="http://www.colorado.edu/AmStudies/lewis/film/enemies.htm" REL="nofollow">one version<> of Nixon’s infamous “enemies list”; my sense of humor may be mostly random, but it’s not <>completely<> random.

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