Principal products of Padania

In lieu of actual work: random things named after Verdi’s Nabucco:

The Raymond Weil “Nabucco Cuore Caldo” watch.

Nabucco Island resort, off the coast of Indonesia.

The DeLonghi BCO70 Caffe Nabucco espresso/coffeemaker.

The CMA CGM container ship Nabucco.

The Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Nabucco’ sandal.

The EU’s proposed Nabucco gas pipeline. Okay, this last one isn’t entirely random—it’s supposed to echo the theme of freedom and independence (in this case, from reliance on Russian natural gas fields). But really—a gas pipeline into the heart of Europe named for an opera about exiled Jews? Really?


  1. That is my favorite photo essay in some time. However, if you won’t tell anyone, I have a confession to make, which is that I’ve always rooted for the Babylonians. Though “Va, Pensiero” is the top ten tune, I’m a total sucker for the music of the crazy King Nabucco and his even crazier daughter Abigaille. The fact that Verdi wrote the role for his lover, whose voice it wrecked (as it has every subsequent voice who has attempted it) just makes it even more amazing. Eviva, Babylon!

  2. Is it sacrilege to admit that I have better use for any and all of the above items, than the opera, proper?Especially that coffee-maker looks pretty nifty. And it doesn’t emit high-pitched screams, I gather.Cheers – jfl

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