Majestic 12

Tune in to Counterstream Radio this evening at 9:00 Eastern, and you can hear yours truly free-associating about “American Serialism,” the first in Counterstream’s “Crash Courses in New Music.” Babbitt, Martino, Wuorinen, Powell—the gang’s all here, and just in time for Hallowe’en. (If you can’t tune in tonight, you can catch it again Sunday afternoon at 3—it’s also available on demand.)

Future installations include Kyle Gann on Minimalism, Tom Lopez on acousmatic music, and Lara Pellegrinelli (aka Dr. LP) on the new jazz. (Great big thanks to Molly Sheridan for shepherding the thing through, and Corey Dargel for deftly assembling and mixing down a script with a density of montage that would have made Eisenstein blush.)

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