Bonjour, l’etoiles!

I’m beginning to sense a pattern at the Metropolitan Opera. Literally.

The photo wall they’ve put up in the lobby for the 125th Anniversary Season:

From this season’s production of Doctor Atomic:

From this season’s production of La Damnation de Faust:

It’s a real Hollywood Squares vibe, isn’t it? Faust for the block: true or false—a jockey can have up to twelve mounts a day!


  1. I just saw the Faust HD encore broadcast at a theater in Anchorage last night. I was shocked that they managed to fill the house–who knew that Alaskans would come out in December for Berlioz? The average age must have been about 60 and just like the real thing, somebody behind me was snoring.

  2. “Well … that depends on how good-looking he is.”Channeling Paul Lynde – I love it.My favrorite Lynde-ism: when asked why Nathan Hale was hung, he replied “heredity”.

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