Diddle for the Middle

Drew McManus at Adaptistration rather flatteringly named this space a winner of the “Premios Dardo” award, which is one of those chain-letter sorts of awards where a winner in turn hands the award to five friends, &c. You know, kind of like the Grammys. Neither Drew nor I are particularly sure when, where, and why the “Premios Dardo” originated (you know, kind of like the Grammys)—dardo means “dart” in Italian. But it also means this

—the VCC 80 Dardo HITFIST Infantry Fighting Vehicle. I like that better.

So the rules are, I get to name five other winners. Enjoy your tanks, honorees!

  • Tears of a Clownsilly. For being the blogger most likely to wake up one morning to find himself transformed into a giant insect, after which he would write a post about it that referenced Curtis Mayfield, Josef Hauer, and Richard Rorty, and would still make me laugh until coffee came out my nose.
  • Bradley’s Almanac. For letting me vicariously still feel like I know something about the Boston music scene, even though I’m old and like to be asleep by 11:00. In the morning, sometimes.
  • The View From Here. For intelligently holding down the fort in my old hometown until I return in glory, a combination of Lenin and MacArthur, to take the reins of absolute power to the deafening cheers of the grateful masses.
  • A genius, so to speak, for sauntering. For writing about whatever pops into his head, which turns out to be invariably a) fascinating, and b) something that has never, ever, popped into my own head. (Ooh, those are nice pictures, too.)
  • Kate Beaton. For this and this, mainly. (Her journal is also funny.)

Aw, heck, one more:

Update (1/27): Marc Geelhoed casts a generous vote as well—didn’t Drew list us as tied? This is more like the Grammys than I thought.


  1. I’m gluing a minature gramophone to a wooden pedestal for you as we speak. And you don’t even have to vote for yourself.

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