Auction chant

The Longwood Symphony in Boston, made up mostly of doctors (a lot of doctors in Boston), and one of the more adventurous community orchestras around (hey, they’re doing Antheil’s McConkey’s Ferry in May), is known for raising money for various medical causes, but later this month, they’re having an auction to raise money for themselves. Benefit auctions are nothing new, but get a bunch of doctors together, and they’ll slip in some wacky items for bid. Personalized blood analysis? An MRI of your brain while you’re listening to the piece of your choice? Sure, why not?

The objet de résistance is a violin autographed by (so far) 33 Nobel laureates. (Including new Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, who, I learn from a Longwood press release, played trombone in high school.) I’m looking under the cushions for change, but if that’s too nerdy for you, there’s also the opportunity to bid on a chance to play some chamber music with Yo-Yo Ma. (Beta blockers not included.)

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