Rodgers and Hart: “Spring Is Here” (Jessye Norman; Boston Pops/John Williams)
Philips 412 625-2 (available in compilation)

Arrangement by the prolific Joe Reisman. It’s pretty brisk for spring here in Framingham—and the way things have been going, I’m expecting snow any day now. Sure, it’s not in the forecast, but around these parts, that means nothing. (Cornelius Cardew would have been a fantastic New England weatherman.) But those crocuses are going to bloom because it’s spring, dammit, and nobody tells crocuses what they can and can’t do.

OK, back to work. Seriously, wasn’t the computer revolution supposed to boost leisure time?


  1. ah…leisure…apparently technology expands to fill the time. thanks also for some photographic proof that spring might actually come to Bostonia after all.

  2. I’m trying to think of another standard that begins on the seventh scale degree.. “There is no Greater Love,” “The Song is You”–any others?

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