"We must now have the courage to continue this exhilarating and frightening adventure without procrastination"

News of the day:

The Fairbanks Symphony is once again throwing down their yearly challenge: Run a 5K in less time than it takes to play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

A striking replica of Beethoven, Steve Bainbridge, runs to the beat of the music, so anyone who finishes the event ahead of the great composer will receive a voucher good for one of the Fairbanks Symphony’s season concerts for the 2009-10 season that starts in September.

Classical radio for animals. Critic-at-Large Moe approves. (The pun made him growl, though.)

Ravel becomes the latest composer to inspire speculation of secret musical codes. I blame Dan Brown!

R.I.P., Robert Delford Brown, artist, provocateur, founder of The First National Church of Exquisite Panic, Inc., and a performer in the legendary 1964 New York production of Stockhausen’s Originale. (Do him the honor of kissing a pig.)


  1. I say you forget about Easter, hop on a plane right now and head up here. I’ll drive us to Fairbanks. But if I’m running with Beethoven, I’m wearing that Andrey Razumovsky costume that’s been collecting dust in the closet for years.

  2. I was thinking I could pretend to be Beethoven’s nephew and then run away from him wailing like an extra in <>Oliver Twist<>.

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