Frelon Brun

Today in limited-quantity musically-themed beer: Dogfish Head Brewery’s Bitches Brew, honoring the 40th anniversary of the release of Miles Davis’s fusion-jazz classic.

It’s a beery interpretation of tej, Ethiopian mead; like that drink, it’s brewed with honey and gesho, an African shrub that lends a hop-like bitterness. The result? Wow, this is a toasty beer—a stout on steroids, all dark chocolate and roasted coffee overtones.

“Frelon Brun” was the opening track off of Davis’s Filles de Kilimanjaro, which came out the year before Bitches Brew. The album title was another drink reference, a nod to the Kilimanjaro African Coffee Company, in which Davis was an investor. (The company’s founder, Arthur “Buddy” Gist, later donated the trumpet Davis used to record Kind of Blue to the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.)

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