O caro, o bello, o fortunato nastro

Soho the Dog HQ has seen its online wherewithal this week preempted by those infernal twins, Work and Life, which means that, among other things, I missed Mozart’s birthday yesterday. Except that I didn’t, because last weekend, I celebrated in agreeable company and high style by hearing Goli, Box Five, and Molly Zenobia play a Mozart’s Birthday concert in Cambridge. The occasion was declared by Mary Bichner, Box Five’s whirlwind driving force, and as obsessively committed a fangirl as a 255-year-old wunderkind could hope for. (Bichner was even game to sing an indie-rockish Count Almaviva to Evangelia Leontis’s Susanna. La donna ognora tempo ha dir di sì.)

Appropriate costume was encouraged; here’s what I came up with:

If you want one, you can get one; all of my royalties will go to the Greater Boston Food Bank. For cake, I hope.

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