This night so chill

arr. Guerrieri: Still, Still, Still (2012) (PDF, 191 Kb)

This year’s holiday card is a two-voice-and-piano arrangement of one of my favorite carols. Seriously, if I had to make out an intellectual Christmas list, “the chance to repeatedly harmonize an arpeggiated triad in increasingly odd fashion” would rank somewhere near the top. It’s the simple things, really.

In the meantime, I am considering ringing in the new year with this concoction, courtesy of Jennie June’s American Cookery Book (1866):


Put into a bowl a pound of sugar, pour on it a pint of warm beer, grated nutmeg, and some ginger, also grated; add four glasses of sherry and five pints of beer, stir it well, and if not sweet enough, add more sugar, and let it stand covered up four hours, and it is fit for use. Sometimes add a few lumps of sugar rubbed on a lemon to extract the flavor, and some lemon juice. If the lemon rind is pared very thin, without any of the white skin left, it answers better, by giving a stronger flavor of the lemon.

Bottle this mixture, and in a few days it will be in a state of effervescence. When served in a bowl fresh made, add some bread toasted very crisp, cut in narrow strips.


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