Carry high the Blue and Gold

Attention, upper Midwesterners: I am pleased and flattered to be part of this year’s Chippewa Valley Book Festival, which will find me at the L. E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, this coming Monday, October 14 at 7:00 PM. I will be talking, of course, about the only book I have managed to write, which means some far-flung Beethovenian tangents. Fun for all ages! Unless the subject of the Minnesota Orchestra Association comes up, in which case the fun will rapidly turn NC-17 (language).

The Eau Claire Bears! I do hope to make a pilgrimage to Carson Park, in honored memory of Andy Pafko.

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  1. Oh dear, I'm just seeing this now! How did all go in Eau Claire? Did you make it to Carson Park? Did you meet any folks from the Music Dept there at UWEC? A few former teachers are still going strong there, but only a few. I'll have to follow with an email to hear more. I love that you were there, and only wish that I had been able to set up a welcome wagon for you.

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