Dreadful marches to delightful measures

Tonic and Bitters stoptime_0003

Guerrieri: Tonic and Bitters (2019) (PDF, 109 Kb)

Guerrieri: Hopeful Monster Rag (2019) (PDF, 119 Kb)

Guerrieri: King Richard Stomp (1995) (PDF, 146 Kb)

The first two double bars to emerge from the newly-relocated Soho the Dog HQ find my compositional astrology once again ensconced in the house of ragtime, so I thought I would pull an older effort out of the files and dust it off for 21st-century consumption. Seeing all three rags lined up like this, I am realizing that the collected reference points—Richard III, somewhat obscure scientific controversy, and cocktails—epitomize a disconcertingly large portion of my personality.

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