1. I was at the game, and really appreciated the national anthem; much better than the singers with poor intonation who seem to typically sing it. It probably was the second best performance at Fenway (by musicians, I mean) all season, only after < HREF="http://www.berklee.edu/news/2007/04/berklee_sox.html" REL="nofollow">Tiger Okoshi’s taiko drum/brass band<>. Of course, I thought Carl Beane was really over the top when he called Williams the most accomplished composer of our time, and the pride of Boston. (I feel like there was probably some marketing campaign that I missed where the Pops called themselves America’s orchestra, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.)

  2. Yeah, the introduction even seemed to leave Williams a bit nonplussed, and he is the most unperturbable man I’ve ever met. The line that got the most raised blogosphere eyebrows was when Beane called him “the epitome of our culture.” Oddly enough, if you go back to the archaic definition of <>epitome<>—a brief summary—it’s kind of accurate.

  3. I was listening on AM radio, so didn’t hear it very well … is there a good recording available?Regarding the multimedia, Matthew, come on up to Vermont this coming weekend for the premiere of my 25-minute “New Granite” for chamber ensemble and images!You know where to find me. 🙂Dennis

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