1. And if you swing the eighth notes slighly in the tranquillo passage at the end of the first movement [of Brahms Op. 120, No. 2], you get a pretty nice softshoe accompaniment.

  2. Fun! When < HREF="http://www.dylanposa.com/" REL="nofollow">this guy<> was a dj there, I got some good tickets. In truth, the only time I heard the station was when I was eating at the cafeteria, even though it was housed in our dorm’s basement.

  3. The photo of Tim looks like it was actually taken at your alma mater. I thought only opera singers were allowed to use photos for this long on their bios. And Dylan Posa! Thanks Rebecca. It’s been a while. Dylan and I worked at tower records together. Dylan was not a natural fit in the classical room, but certainly spiced the day up.

  4. This reminds me of the brief brother-sisterhood that came about when the college radio station I used to work for was threatening to eliminate both classical music and hip hop. The hip hop people seemed to have a more respect for classical music (and for me) when they thought that classical music listeners might be able to help their cause. But did they ever listen? No.

  5. For some reason, my wife likes to Google me, and she came up with this. So, hi Matt, Rebecca, Mark and anyone else I might know.I feel like I’ve brought the conversation down a notch, but I needed to reach out. I hope you understand.

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