Food, Glorious Food

Today’s carol (previously: 1, 2) comes to us courtesy of 17th-century England, where carving a roast was apparently regarded as a descendant of jousting—an oddly Proustian trigger for chivalric nostalgia. For Karen and Mike (you can share some with the boys if they’ve been good). Tritones and augmented triads make everything festive!

Guerrieri: My Master and Dame (PDF, 99 KB; Cooperstown-Giant-authentic-sounding MIDI here)


  1. WHAT’S WITH THIS? You’re going to keep posting Wassail songs until we send you cash?I’d like to send you my Gower Wassail Song (a Welsh Wassail for men’s chorus a cappella). How do I get it to you?

  2. Robert: You can use the e-mail address way down at the bottom of the sidebar. (I am loath to re-type it here for fear of spam.)And yes, cash. Or beer.

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