Can I start you off with some drinks?

Today’s carol (previously) tells the heartwarming tale of a group of pushy carousers who demand nothing but alcohol. We have no need of your “food”! It might be nutritionally unsound, but I’ll bet a roast goose they gained less weight in December than I will.

For Jeana and Glenn, and critic-at-large Moe’s rural Midwestern counterpart Dougal. Musically: as if 19th-century wassailers were carrying around pocket transistor AM radios.

Guerrieri: Bring Us In Good Ale (PDF, 148 KB; Casiotone-esque MIDI here)


  1. I can’t get this tune out of my head. There’s no way to post ale in this comment, but would you be satisfied with this little Britten remix?“Glory to our Wassail King!Soho, ‘ail, all ‘ail we sing!”

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