What we’ve had and what’s to come

Reviewing Anne Sofie von Otter, Bengt Forsberg, and Brad Mehldau.
Boston Globe, February 17, 2009.

Seriously, “Att angöra en brygga”—a celebration of the ability to park a boat, from the ultimate cinematic expression of man’s struggle to simultaneously possess booze and crayfish—is my new favorite song. Here’s the original, sung by Monica Zetterlund.


  1. Dear Matthew Guerrieri,I loved your review. I have heard about this concert from many who attended. My friend Jason Felitto, who’s transcription of Meldau’s version of “Paranoid Android” is available on Brad Meldau’s website, saw the concert with is former piano teacher Paul Klein. They were excited of course to see Meldau collaborate with the other artists, and at first upset to see he wasn’t featured as much as they had expected, they were then blown away by the rest of the program.I will not pass up the next opportunity to see such a collaboration should it happen again.-Dennis

  2. Are von Otter and Mehldau planning to record together? Sounds like a lovely pairing in my mind; two understated, restrained Romantic artists, who both throw that to the wind and get carried away sometimes. I’d love to hear them for myself.

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