Coming up short

Guerrieri: Epitome Rag (2009) (PDF, 5 pages, 313 Kb; MIDI here)

This month’s rag (previously) honors February’s oddball brevity with 28-bar strains in place of the usual 32. It also gets awfully MGM-esque towards the end, which I attribute to a lingering excess of Valentine’s Day candy. (I think Valentine’s Day is a bit of a scam, but chocolate-covered torrone is OK by me no matter how sketchy the pretenses.)

(Word builder: the original title was “Brachylogy Rag.” I am a big nerd.)


  1. Is there even Brach’s on the east coast? I always thought it was one of those things midwesterners annoyingly pined for, like Frango mints.

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