Gordon Pasha

Not Michael Gordon.

I can’t go but maybe you can: Signal Ensemble is performing Michael Gordon’s 1995 blowout Trance this Wednesday at Le Poisson Rouge in New York. Trance is one of those pieces, I imagine, for which experiencing a live hearing is almost like a résumé item.

Here’s Part 4 of Trance:

Download (MP3, 8.4 Mb)

—which is part of a promotion for the concert, which we’ll go along with because we like Michael Gordon’s music, and you all should listen to it. Anyway, there’s a pair of tickets up for grabs—all you have to do is find the other six blogs currently hosting downloads of Trance sections and be the first to e-mail the list to promotion (at) firstchairpromo (dot) com. Here’s some clues for adjacent sections:

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