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It’s Take a Friend to Orchestra Month! It’s actually been Take a Friend to Orchestra Month for almost three weeks now. Have you taken a friend to see an orchestra? No? You’ve still got ten days. (I’m pretty sure that ELO on YouTube doesn’t count.) In the meantime, you can spend the rest of the month perusing related readings by classical music luminaries from online, offline, and everywhere in between, curated, as always, by Drew McManus.

According to the snazzy graphic there, I was supposed to write an article for Drew’s annual symphonic enablement, but Critic-at-Large Moe hijacked my spot to give the orchestra a pep talk. Head on over to see a dog talk to a cello for the first and possibly only time today.


  1. This is a fantastic piece of work.

    It reinforces what my father once told me “organized religion and musical organizations will always exist.” I believe it is true. And I also believe that as the world becomes more automated, young people and people seeking substance in their lives will eventually find their way to one or the other, one way or another; though Phil Spector is not the ideal role model at the moment.

  2. I’d like to print up some business cards with “defiant cockroach of the post-nuclear cultural wasteland” as my title. Great stuff…

  3. Soho,
    Just saw this comic of yours on Ethan’s blog — how brilliant and true it is.
    My favorite line: “You’re the sexy vampire of music.” But I also like “I’ll just lie low and play a lot of Mozart.” That really made me laugh.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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