Believe half of what you see, run and hide from what you hear

News from there and here:

There’s a Facebook campaign going to make John Cage’s 4’33” this year’s Christmas #1 single in the UK. Question of the day: on how many different axes would this have made Theodor Adorno’s head spin?

This looks like fun: music-cognition popularizer Daniel Levitin is joining the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony for an evening called “Beethoven and Your Brain,” which will use a live performance of Beethoven’s Fifth to illustrate concepts in the neuroscience of music.

You will find out what is going on in the mind of the conductor, the musicians, and the audience (you!) in this interactive presentation. With live audience surveys using the latest technology, this will be a Beethoven experience that you will never forget!

Am I the only one thinking of this?

More specifically: am I the only one thinking of that as a possible selling point?

Coming to Australia later this month: music to put budgies to sleep by!

Finally, R.I.P., Ari Up, leader of The Slits, creators of what just might be my favorite cover version ever:

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