Another Saturday night, and I ain’t got nobody

There’s a new gang on the block, and they’re called the Boston Composer’s Coalition, and their inaugural concerts are this weekend—and you can watch them online for free. Shows are tonight at 7:00 EST (hey, that’s just about now, isn’t it) and tomorrow at 1:30 EST. If you’re reading this right now, let’s face it, your Saturday night is not turning out as exciting as it could be, so click on over. These concerts feature works composed especially for the ensemble The Fourth Wall, made up of—wait for it—flute, trombone, and percussion. Awesome.

Now, maybe you’re like me, and you like to make your entertainment decisions based on the cleverness of the logos involved:

Well played, my friends, well played.

Full disclosure: some of them actually are my friends.


  1. Something in the water, maybe….

    Fifth Floor's next concert is February 4th at The Lilypad, a neat space in Cambridge's Inman Square. Everybody go!

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